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Garry L

System Gemini .308/7.62mm Barnard bolt action Target Rifle - Like new!

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.308/7.62mm Barnard bolt action Target Rifle in absolutely superb condition. Less than 250 rounds fired through it. The barrel and action sits in an HPS TR702 System Gemini stock. This well-known, high-end stock has been developed and honed over 18 years and is seen on full bore ranges across the world since 1998 in both Target Rifle and Match Rifle disciplines.

I am looking for a serious buyer who knows exactly what they are after and has a good understanding of what it is they are buying. This is an excellent piece of kit, worth every penny of the £3500 price tag. It is a very reluctant sale, but I am simply not shooting enough full bore to justify hanging on to it, so I might as well make someone else a very happy shooter.

RPA Trakker Rear Sight with 0.6 - 2.9 Centra Adjustable Iris. Ladder Front Sight with 2.6 - 4.9 Centra Adjustable Iris.

Free HPS rifle slip.

I would prefer a face-to-face sale, so that I know this goes to a good home. To save travelling with cash, a bank transfer could/should be arranged.

Please PM for more details, I can also send higher quality pics by emails since the upload here is limited to 1024kb. 


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