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Gehmann Style (Fanfold Target) Changers

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9 x Gehmann Style (Fanfold Target) Changers

These are portable (in that I can get 6 or 7 of them in my estate car) and comprise a base, the upright body, the fanfold holder, a rain/debris guard for the shot targets – 60 (ish) mtrs of wire, a battery pack/switch and a transformer to run off mains/recharge battery.

The rechargeable batteries in each of the switches are long past their useful life and no longer charge up, however the systems will happily run through the transformer off of mains. They will also run off of a car battery and a pair that I loaned out were powered via a solar panel charging set-up.

Target transport is via a gravity fed friction roller that ‘pulls’ the target down from the upper carrier.

I now need to free up a corner of my garage, so these babies just have to go.

I also have a considerable amount of fanfold targets. At least 1 unopened pack of 250 (continuous set) a number of prepared sets* (1 lead/3 sighter/12 match) some still unused and some patched with adhesive centres. In excess of 1250 targets

New GENUINE Gehmann boxes are around £1000.00 each …. In order to quickly free up the space I need, these can go for £100.00 each or £750.00 for the lot.

I will include 2 sets* of targets per changer as a matter of course – the remainder are negotiable

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Hi, sorry for the delay i have been on nights!

if i can dig my way into the garage over the weekend, i will set up a couple of them, take a couple of pics and post on here!

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