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Anschutz Match 1807 for sale

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This rifle is in extremely good condition and shoots well. It has been used by my daughter (is on both our certificates) but she has decided to not continue with the sport despite regularly shooting 25yd prone scores in the low 90s. Each to their own with ammunition, but she shot Lapua through it.
It comes with cantable foresight complete with horizontal wires and a selection of insert apertures.
The rear sight is variable aperture with colour filters.
There is a bore cleaning guide and bolt protector that will come with the rifle.
Face to face sale is obviously most straightforward and, apologies for saying this, please ensure you have a slot on your certificate to accommodate the rifle.

Please do ask if you require further information.


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Unfortunately I do not know the number of rounds that have gone through the rifle. Always a difficult one that. However, the letters IE are stamped on the barrel and, if I am correct, that would indicate a 1984 gun.

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