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Ian Harris

Paper target equipment for sale

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The Welsh Airgun Association has the following paper target equipment for sale. The equipment is being released in phases.

Phase 1 release:-

(a) Three RIKA target scoring machines, with carrying case, at £1,100.00 each, out of the orginal four - 1 reserved.

(b) Two Disag RM IV target scoring machines, with carrying case, at £2,200 each.


(c) 14 x Haering EL3 target changers (with 12 volt power supply, table adapter, lamp bracket, lamp shade and 20W low energy mains bulb), at £175.00 per set.

The Haering changers are refurbished - the control board has been replaced with a brand-new control board (of a different design to the original control board) from Intarso (the new owners of Haering), and each changer has been tested.


(d) 50 x 2m mains leads, at £2.00 each (used to daisy-chain mains power to the changers and target lights) - 20 sold.

(e) 24 x 2m collapsible wooden tables, at £20.00 each.

(f) There are also a number of collapsable supports that used to hold boards for the backstops to attach to - used at the North Wales and Cardiff competitions, when paper targets were used. These would be free for collection.

There is a pattern for the boards, but no compete boards.

The equipment will need to be collected from Hereford.

The equipment is on sale in other places, so it's first come, first served.

Edit 1: Two changer sets sold.
Edit 2: Three changer sets sold.
Edit 3: Four changer sets sold.
Edit 4: One RIKA scoring machine reserved.
Edit 5: Two changer sets sold.
Edit 6: Three more changer sets on sale.
Edit 7: One changer set sold and five reserved.
Edit 8: Five reserved sets released for sale.

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