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Anschütz 2213 Stock

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This model stock is no longer in production by Anschutz. The only way to acquire one would be to buy a complete second hand rifle with this stock or find a second hand one where someone has bought another model stock to upgrade/replace this model.


They are a good model with plenty of adjustment possibilities but beware that as they are made from cast alloy not a solid machined billet they do not tolerate being dropped.


I have had 2 of these for some years & so far no problems anywhere.

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Yeah it's a pain. I used one all of the last academic year at my university club and really started to enjoy it towards the end of the year and having tried my girlfriend's precise it felt much more suited to me.

I was warned about the fragility of the one I used but thankfully never dropped it.


Plan would be to find one without the barrel seeing as I already have a barrel to put in one.

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The Gemini stock has a very similar profile if you struggle to find a 2213 (the wide fore end being shared between the two)

Any idea how much they would go second hand?



I saw a purple FR703 (latest model) at Bisley last year, complete with buttplate, for a grand. That's a cracking deal, but should be able to get the whole thing with buttplate for well under £1500 I should think.

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