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Left Hander Needs His First Gun

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Just had the "nod" from the fire arms officer after my home inspection, that my FAC should be with me in about 3 weeks.


I'm looking for an Allumium stock .22 prone target rifle. Not fussed as to the make, FWD, Walther, Anshutz,


Hope to hear from you.


Regards Mike.

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Get the 308 first ;-) they are much much much harder to find. See HPS website for one, I have looked at this gun its got a very good bore, it is a Swing 5 -Paramount 1 (yes it has both makes engraved on it). You can buy a LH 22 almost any time (there are 2 on gunstar now) & any day of the week if new, but a LH 308 TR is a rare beast .


I have a LH Precise stock vgc but no action or barrel, I have a LH rear-sight & spare duo foresight so if you get an action & barrel you are ready to go with in effect a new gun. See Beds target supplies for (reasonably?) priced barrels & actions.

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