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Anschutz Target Sight.


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Up for sale is an Anschutz target sight, with both a fixed eyepiece, an Anschutz adjustable iris and anti glare tube and still has the clear range window.


Used but should do someone a good turn, now redundant due to upgrade.


£85 collect or plus £6 Special D UK. It will need a signature on arrival, please don't ask for ordinary post to save a groat.


Now just to point out no scammers please - i know some veritable members on here object to me saying this but I DON'T CARE, they clearly haven’t been on the receiving end on here.


Very best regards



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Good luck with the sale, another star for marketing, why do you keep trying to sell stuff if you think eveyone is a scammer




Not everyone is a scammer clearly - which would usually go without saying, but some of those who are less than intuitive (who incidentally i have no personal qualms with, and have the deepest sympathy for) are apparently having difficulty conceptualising the issue.


So many thanks for your input - and i will be sure to spell things out more clearly in future which i hope you find helpful.


Best of luck



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I see you have three items on this site for sale and so far none have sold, now as you seem intuitive doesn't this tell you that saying ' no scammers' is not helping you to sell

Then again prehaps it's your way of not being scammed, as if you don't sell you can't be scammed

Again, good luck with your sales

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*** Adjustable Iris now sold, if anyone wants the sight with the fixed iris and anti glare tube its £40.



Oh and Coiln, you appear to be misinformed.


and James,


As there is a stark lack of warnings on this forum regarding behavior it seems only prudent to put ones own up. Most forums have visible scam warnings.

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