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Items For Sale On Behalf Of A Retired Club Member

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Anschutz torque wrench, current model, new. £45.00 (SOLD)
Anschutz hammer shark sight extension device, made for 19 & 20 series, new, 2 available. £70.00 each
Anschutz long cranked 4mm allen key. £3.00 (SOLD)
Anschutz green cleaning rod guide, 2 available 1 new £10.00, 1 used £7.00 (BOTH SOLD)
Anschutz sight raiser block set, 8mm, suits 14, 16 & 18 series, new, £40.00
Anschutz rear sight raiser block, 8mm, suit 14, 1 & 18 series, £10.00 (SOLD)
Anschutz black plastic handstop, 4751 model, new. £50.00
Anschutz handstop, round alloy type with ball end sling loop, £15.00 (SOLD)
Anschutz ball end sling loop, 2 available. £5.00 each
AHG pull through string type cleaning kit, new, £10.00 (SOLD)
Spare strings set for above cleaning kit, new, £5.00 (SOLD)
AHG Model 103 5 finger glove with Top Grip, as new, £25.00
Bedford Target Supplies black handstop, American made, new. £40.00
Centra unitool, new. £10.00 (SOLD)
Accuracy International foresight element selection, 18mm, £15.00
Accuracy International style blue plastic sling with cuff adjuster, £15.00 (SOLD)
Accuracy International style grey plastic sling with cuff adjuster, new, £25.00 (SOLD)
Gehman rearsight iris with filters & variable diopter, new, £95.00
Gehman rearsight suntube with iris, new, £20.00
Hammerli toolkit wrap with 4 mm T bar & other allen keys, £5.00
Holme fingerless glove, medium, green, £20.00
Holme shooters bag, green, not wheeled type, well used, £20.00
HPS folding bipod, £30.00 (SOLD)
Adjustable trigger lever, make unknown, might be Anschutz, new, £15.00
Kurt Thune 5 finger glove, top grip model, large, £20.00
Mouche kneeling roll with filling material, new, £20.00
HPS Anschutz bolt knob, round, gold, £6.00
HPS fully adjustable butt plate, early style, blue, £130.00 (SOLD)
HPS fully adjustable butt plate, current style with earlier style carrier, £185.00 (SOLD)
HPS air rifle/standard rifle buttplate, £60.00
Kelly see through rearsight, as new, £95.00 (SOLD)
Truttman kitbag with wheels, well used, £35.00
VFG .22 cleaning felts, large bags, 2 available, £15.00 each (SOLD)
Black bipod, £5.00
MTM ammo box, blue, new, £10.00
MTM shooters toolbox, small, red, £5.00
Weights, for fitiing to forend rail, £20.00
Twiddler scope stand adjustment cable (maybe Freeland thread), £12.00
Salter digital stopwatch, £5.00 (SOLD)
Receiver mounted spirit level, £40.00

These items will be available for inspection at the ESSU Championships this coming weekend. SATURDAY ONLY.

These items if not described as new, apart for the kit bag, are used but in good or better condition.

Postage will be added to the prices if I have to post them on.

There are too many items to provide pictures but if required I can provide them to interested individuals.

PM me with any queries.

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if still available can I have the:


Anschutz pull through/wicks

blue sling

HPS folding bipod.


What colour is the bipod?



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Can I have the torque wrench please and also the 4mm long cranked allen key. If the cleaning guides are for the 54 action I'll take the new one as well. Please send me a pm with payment details and I'll be back in touch.




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Hi tufty,

Sorry for the late reply, I have been busy & have not checked into the forum recently.


Both packets of the felts were sold last Wednesday.

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