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[Sold] Bsa Martini International Mk4

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In really clean and excellent condition and not of the normal battered examples you so often encounter of this type of rifle.
The rifle is 1970 proof-marked and comes with the Parker Hale PH25 variable aperture rear sight and Parker Hale PH1 foresight. There is a Parker Hale container that has not been screwed on to the stock anywhere and contains a selection of foresight apertures.
There are two wooden stock extension pieces, hand stop and stand, and a spare genuine Parker Hale butt plate assembly.
The cheek piece has been sanded and very slightly taken down by a previous owner; but I stress this is really minimal as can hopefully be seen on the close-up photo.
Overall weight is about 14lb.
It shoots better than me, but I did manage recently to put 5 shots within a half inch group at 50m.

Do get in touch if you want to know anything else.

Obviously a face to face transaction would be so much easier than trying to send this anywhere and you should have an available slot on your FAC. I am located south of Bath.

Asking price is £395. Payment by cash or direct bank transfer, please.







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