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Varga 3000 Shooting Frames, Boxed

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Varga 3000 Shooting frames (can be used left-handed or right-handed).

Comes with box. The part of the frame that goes over the ear had a clear rubber tube covering but I took that off so now it is just metal as I preferred it - you can see it on the pics.

Selling as having ruthless unused kit clear out.


23mm lens holder - but please note that you should send the lens holder to the place you are getting the lens made because I have three sets of glasses that are all meant to be 23mm and they are all a tiny bit different. My 23mm lenses are therefore do not fit perfectly in every 23mm lens holder I have.


£40 incl postage. Paypal or bank transfer. Any questions please ask.



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Are these still available ?

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