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Anschutz 1913 Barrel

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I've just had the barrel in my 1913 replaced with a stainless steel barrel so that both my actions are identical in length and diameter (so I can swop between sights and extension tube without issues). This is just a barrel, not the action.


I can't take the old barrel back as I dont have a spare FAC slot so I thought I'd offer it for sale as there is nothing wrong with it. I'm looking for £150, but you will need to factor in another £300 to have it fitted by my gunsmith, Robert Nibbs (System Gemini).


Ideal for anyone with an old barrel and would like to reset their headspace as this is a cheaper option to buying a new barrel blank.


I also have an Anschutz Precise tube in black that I will let go with it for another £100.

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