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Vostock .22 Target Rifle ( Now With Pictures )

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I have now had time to photograph this superb condition Vostock .22 Target Rifle, comes complete with all sights + sight elements for fore and rearsights, Original owners handbook , Cork Drawer/Box with sight parts, Butt extension plates.

This rifle is in very good condition.


No Reasonable Offer Refused









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I don't think I've seen one before, but that's a Ural. It's the same barrel/action as the Strella Free Rifle in a Prone/Standard stock. It's a sturdier design than the more common CM2.

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Strella is the Russian word for a bullet or arrow if I remember. It was a brand name used by the Izhmash arsenal, much like Toz was used by the competing Tula factory. The barrel/action and sights look identical to a Strella owned by a former clubmate, although that was a Free Rifle with thumbhole stock and hook butt.


From memory the bolt has three lugs, including the handle, whereas the CM2 locks only on the handle.

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