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Bsa Martini International Mk Iv Left Handed

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I know that most clubs will probably have an old left handed BSA available for beginners, but if you wish actually to own a rifle for shooting well beyond the beginner's stage - indeed almost up to county standard I would dare to say - and happen to be left-handed and without a great deal of money, this rifle has some appeal, I think.


Firstly, it is left handed - try finding a genuine left-handed Anschutz at this price.


Secondly, it is a BSA Mk IV, which means that it has a trigger that can be adjusted to better any Anschutz trigger that I have experienced. I certainly can't get my 1800 series Anschutz trigger to break as smoothly and with so little pressure as I can the trigger on this rifle (or that on my BSA Mk V). The earlier BSA Internationals have a good trigger but it is not the equal of the Mk IVs and Mk Vs.


Thirdly, the butt has been cut to suit a shorter person and/or to allow the fitting of a better butt plate or hook than the original, though the original is included. That means no one need worry about either the principle or practical difficulty of cutting the stock. And it has been cut in two places, so extra adjustment is available if needed. The downside is that the middle section was lost and has had to be replaced with a darker piece of walnut, but it is a neat replica and fit, so it will not be noticed in use. The upside is that it comes with a wooden butt hook, which slides up and down in an aluminium carrier (needs finishing by me). I made this on the model of the Gemini butthook. It is obviously nothing like the Gemini for adjustability but it gives a secure grip on the shoulder, and being wood it could be made to fit almost anyone. I could adjust the butt and the butthook if required and if not too much work were involved.


The rifle is not a collector's item but it is in very good condition and it comes with the correct sights. The latter sell for substantial sums on their own on ebay. Above all, the rifle shoots very, very accurately. It was owned for several years by a former county captain and one-time England trialist, but it was not his lifelong rifle, so it has not been heavily shot. He could average in the high 90s with it and sometimes shoot 'possibles', though being in his 70s he did have an eagle eye in his foresight. The barrel is lighter than that found on most BSA Internationals, so, with the short loading port of the Martini action as well, the rifle would be very suitable for a young person or someone of slighter build. I bought it to try shooting left-handed when I thought that my right eye was causing me serious difficulties, but I have overcome or am ignoring the eye problem and the rifle is now surplus to requirements.


The rifle does not come with a handstop or bipod, but its accessory rail (unlike those on older BSAs) will take all modern handstops.

I will include a nice leather sling if desired.


Asking price: £175. Mk IVs do not come up for sale all that often and dealers ask much higher prices.


I could send the rifle by the RFD service or deliver it in person at extra cost. I live in Hampshire.


I realise that there may be zero interest in a BSA, so I am not attaching photographs but I could send some by email to anyone seriously interested.

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Hi, do you still have this rifle for sale? I am enquiring on behalf of our fifle club (Dulnainbridge) We have been looking for a left handed rifle for club use as we have had a few newcomers who are left handed.


We are in Scottish Highlands, how much to send?






Could you please contact me at..........algord99@hotmail.co.uk


Mob 07788132134

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I have just found your reply but it is rather late in the evening and I do not like to ring you now, though I will do so in the morning. Meanwhile and in any case, if you care to send me a p.m. via the Stirton messaging service (click on my user name), I will reply by email and send some photos if you wish.



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