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Kit Clear Out - Free Stuff + All Sorts

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Items for all positions & events.

ALL items will also include a P&P charge based upon Royal Mail Parcel Price Calculator

Any questions or more photos please PM me!

Located Newcastle/Most of the A1/M1 services/ Bisley/Oxfordshire depending on the day of the month.

(links are to pictures)

  1. Geheman Shooting boots size 9. Edges have been cut off to comply with ISSF rules. £40 link 2
  2. Blue Boot Stretchers £15 - will sell with boots for £50
  3. Kurt Thune Shooting Jacket TL2 size 46 £50 link 2 link 3 link 4
  4. Air Rifle Pellets (approx 2500 - 5 tins) These are left over tines that I have combined from the last few years.Theres 3 x Match Kugeln (H&N) and 2 x Finale Match (H&N). I was going to throw them but someone may want them for training/plinking £15
  5. Feinwerkbau barrel weights £10 (not officially). These are the end pieces that attach to the barrel of a P70 and can double up as barrel weights.
  6. Feingwerkbau air cylinder air release FREE……..I have 2 of these
  7. Foldable ruler (for marking feet positions during standing) FREE
  8. Small Handstop £10
  9. Andchutz rearsight - BROKEN FOR PARTS/SPARES. Combined with another broken set could possibly make a full sights £10
  10. Glare tube £3
  11. Rear sight aperture £3
  12. Anschutz wooden stock trigger guard FREE
  13. Anschutz spirit level BROKEN - needs replacement spirit level bubble £25
  14. Anschutz kneeling roll £5
  15. Centra adjustable foresight M18 2.8-4.8 £35
  16. High End M22 3.9/1.0 £12 link 2
  17. High End M22 3.9/1.2 £12 link 2
  18. High End M22 4.5/1.4 £12 link 2
  19. A strange tool FREE
  20. 13 Alan keys - various sizes FREE
  21. M22 elements 2 x 4.0 £2
  22. M18 elements 3.5 3.7 3.8 £2
  23. Hard rifle case 3/4 clips working FREE link 2
  24. Soft Rifle case (zip on last legs) FREE
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I'll have the pellets please, travelling back to the UK from the US tomorrow so will be in touch. Will also take the hard case and Allen keys so can sort out payment once back if that's ok with you? I'll be in touch soon,




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