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Wanted: Air Pistols Light Weight

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I am running a series of training courses for a local pony club. The numbers have recently grown and other clubs are looking for training as well. A lot of very good shooters, some with good kit. However, their previous access to low new cost Walther Junior air pistols has recently dried up and several members of the Wokingham (10m from Bisley) and other clubs are looking for light weight single shot air pistols in good condition, preferably with small / junior / ladies grips.


Please email me (if you know me) or PM details that I will pass on with your consent so you can liaise directly.

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i don't know its what you are looking, but i am selling a smith and wesson 6 inch. it has a six shot magazine, it also comes with pellets and i think there are about 10 CO2 bulbs, not entirely sure how many. its hardly been used as i decided to concentrate on my rifle. at the most its had 500 rounds through it. i live in derby, but i am coming down to bisley next month for a training weekend. PM me if you are interested.




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Hi Alex,

Sorry, single shot is preferred. These CO2 units are OK at 7m for the minors but at 10m they don't hold the 10-ring.



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