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Walther Kk300 And Lot Of Accessoires

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Focusing on Fullbore and selling my Walther KK300.

Please see below description

Walther KK300 £1800,- Silver including Centra Elite rearsight and standard iris. No foresight!
Borecam pictures available, very clean and not much use!

Sightraisers rear and front Centra block Club £67,-
Centra Foresight incl Centra glass iris 3.8 - 5.8 and Centra spirit level II £185,
Uptagraft Barrel tuner and cleaning snake £250,-
Cheekpiece TEC HRO nj Carbon £170,-
Iris Gehmann Grey scale filter 569 £140,-
Rearsight Centra 10-50 £311,-
Cleaning rod and kit 50,-
Handstop Grunig & Elmiger Spyder Handstop - Master M £193,-
Centra Duplex Vario £180,-
Total accessories £1.546-

All accessories are sold at 2/3 or 67% of new price. All items Less than a year old!!

Walther KK300 price is fixed at £1800,-

The total price for all of this will be £2.600,-






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