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Match 54 Adjustable Stock

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Ok all biting the bullet.


Up for sale is my Match 54 (round action obviously) stock with Anschutz anatomical handstop/swivel and bipod.


A back injury last year has done for my precision prone shooting for at least the foreseeable future, after a plateau in recovery and an agonizing attempt to try again i have decided to convert the rifle for bench rest and have done with it.


Its the original Anschutz thumbhole stock with the adjustable cheekpiece and the handstop and bipod as shown inc the trigger guard and bedding bolts.


The whole lot as pictured £250 - Checked on Ebay and last one went £260 without the handstop or bipod so £250 seems fair.




I'm near Colchester to collect or can courier it if need be.


Rgds and thanks


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An excellent stock if you can't get on with these new fangled aluminium or carbon fibre articles! That stock would look a treat if given a bit of TLC with wet and dry sandpaper, fine wire wool and some coats of polyurethane varnish or even turning it into an oiled stock finish.

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