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Gehmann 560 Superfilter Aos Microsight

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Does anyone have a used Gehmann 560 they don't want? If so, please get in touch, I'm really suffering with my eyes and would like to try the 560 before giving up shooting completely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just a word of warning on the Gehmann 560, I actually bought one a while ago to try, as the marketing literature looked really good; however, I tried it several times and found that all it did for me was give me a milky sight picture. I asked a couple of others to try it out as well, and they said the same!


So I plumped for a diopter, I'm using the Centra Combi-optik, which is certainly not cheap, but certainly helped me - of course it's not ISSF compliant, but is fine for all other competitions. The beauty of it (for me) is that you can balance the focus of the foresight and the aiming mark. The optimum is of course to have the foresight clear and sharp, and if that means the aiming Mark is a little fuzzy then so be it; however, I have found that it is possible to set the focus such that you get a sharp foresight, and a clear target.


Now of course this is all dependent on your eye condition - I am slightly long sighted (I.e. I need glasses for reading but not for distance) so I have no idea how this would be for someone who is short sighted (although logic suggests that this would simply mean adjusting the diopter differently? But I'm sure someone else will be able to comment on that point).


I do have a spare Centra Combi-Optic that i would be happy to sell, and if you wanted to try before you buy I'm sure we could come to some arrangement?


If you are interested then please PM me




PS I have already sold my 560 so can't help you there I'm afraid!

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Yes, I'm looking to sell my 560. I have really awful vision (-9.75R, -10.5L) and suffer from periodic blurriness. I thought the 560 would help but it turned out that I just needed a more accurate prescription for my shooting glasses. The 560 needs a short sight radius, so if you have a standard length barrel (26"-27") you'll be fine.


You'll need to open your rear iris -- I went from a 1.1 to a 1.5 -- as the Fresnel lens eat up some of the light. Many service rifle shooters in the U.S. using AR-15s and a 20" barrel found the 560 to really help but I don't think it's found as much favour with small or fullbore shooters.


But if you want to give it a try, make me a reasonable offer -- the worst I can do is pass. ;)



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