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Remember The Days Of The Spectrum

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Still didn't stop the blinking thing crashing though - either that or midway through loading a game off cassette :D I think I might still have my old (original) spectrum in the loft - must be able to get a few quid on ebay for it ;)



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I remember spending all night copying in a program which was double dutch to me and even then I had to debug it (correct the typos!) before it would run. Then something resembling a clock face appeared - then I had to turn it off and go to bed - wonderful :blink:


My first real foray was when I bought an early IBM compatible PC in late 1984/early 1985 called an Advance 86B, made by Ferranti which was sold by W H Smith. It turned out that the processor was an Intel 8086 which was the same as my then employer had paid hundreds of thousands of pounds, a few years earlier, to have at the core of his wide area network. Disk drives at £250k a throw or thereabouts etc - the girls in the office did their knitting while it took 3/4's of an hour to process after they had entered everything :blink:


I was quite good at DOS but always hated programming, I liked Lotus 123 Macros B)


Taking work home in those days was like moving house with system unit, screen, keyboard, wide matrix printer, box of cables & manuals and sprocketed paper!


Life improved a bit when Compaq invented luggables ;)


Anyone remember "Demented Woodpeckers"? :D - wheel printers attached to word processors - we'd probably compare them to an Uzi or such like.


I wish I'd kept an IBM golf ball typewriter - probably be a collectors item by now!

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