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Internet Explorer Exploit

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Just a warning to you all.


Back in December an exploit was found in IE (5.01, 5.5 and 6)


It allows one to show one URL in the address bar but actually

take the victim to another.


Here is a very simple page I've just created:



The implications are huge. Barclays bank has just been hit by this.

Someone made a spoof copy of their site and then sent out emails with

the exploit and tricked customers into thinking that they were on

the legit site.

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A properly updated virus scanner should also detect it as a trojan :ph34r: - mine does :D (McAfee 4.5.1 - kept up to date weekly)

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But it's not actually a trojan Si ;)


It's a Micky$oft "feature" :P

Norton AV latest pattern file does not pick it up and nor would I really expect it



Where it is likely to catch people out is where someone gets sent a faked HTML

email that looks like it has come from their bank and asks them to log in. You will

most likely be taken to a site that looks identical and log in and before you know

it the 'fraudster' has your login details. Some Barclay's customers were hit by this

a few weeks back.

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I know its not a real trojan :rolleyes: but decent heuristics catch it all the same as you can see from the screen capture!


I ditched Norton ages ago as it kept missing things even with the latest updates :( (my company did the same thing long before I did and switched to McAfee - they even managed to block all the last lot of worms!)


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I think this scam was also done a while ago by someone spoofing the Blomberg investment site in the US and got away with a load of money either because the info shown on the website affected the share price from which lots lost and one gained or through a spurious offer for sale of shares taken up by those taken in.

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