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Anschutz Target 2002 Wooden Stock, Anschutz Jacket, Pants, Boots, Slin

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Anschutz target 2002 wooden stock, (would like collected) £150 please follow the link for photos.


Anschutz jacket (would like collected) size 46, black and white (some of the white is a little grubby) the buttons have been moved out slightly. Comes with hook so that you can attach the sling. Still extremely stiff, £90 (would like collected)


Anschutz Pants again light use still stiff with very little use. Zips on both legs size 46, £50 (would like collected)


Anschutz leather sling, item has been used however still in good condition. It does has pen marks on it from with different names (from where I used my sling to help friends get into shooting) £20 (can post if needed)


Anschutz Boots, Have had very little use, size EU 45 (UK 10) come with Sauer clamps. Top of the sole has been trimmed slightly to be the correct thickness (can post if needed)


Mouche jacket protector £5 (can post if needed)


Mouche 3p leather kneeling role with extra stuffing, green and black £15 (can post if needed)


Anschutz target palm rest in wood 3p, traditional 3 position palm rest I used it with my Anschutz. Fully adjustable in very good condition for age. Sits lovely in hand and can be offset at many angles. Really good condition, £50 (can post if needed)


Please click the link below for images of all the items for sale thank you.



Anschutz sizing chart at the bottom of this link



All prices are cash on collection so the items can been seen before being sold/tried on however I can post certain items, I am just around the corner of Bisley NRA, Surrey GU24 0PB and am happy to meet at Bisley + I shall be around Bisley week if that helps!


Any questions then please ask?


Thank you

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Is the jacket a Euro 46 or a UK 46in?


If you would like it to be collected, where are you?

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The link given brings up a forbidden page!


Tim I expect that the jacket will be 46 centimetres!

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