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Walter Lg 300 Xt Alutec And Bits And Pieces Of Kit Etc

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Hi there I have for sale for your consideration and perusal a Walther LG300 XT Alutec, I'm sure most of you know what it is, Excellent condition well maintained during its brief international career it comes with an additional cylinder, MEC butt plate and a diopter foresight, a couple of other bits and pieces too. The aluminium flight case can be included in the price by negotiation or I can put it in the original plastic Walter case. I also have a 50ltr dive air cylinder for sale as well.


I would like about 750 for the Walther in its original case , the aluminium case is worth another 50.

The Air cylinder (not recently pressure tested but its still holding air from 2005!) id like about 30 for

Kurt Thune Jacket and trousers (lettered with 'Rattray' down side) 100?

Gloves a tenner, both Large, one fingerless, one full.

Aluminium stand, (from before they got all fancy) green powder coated legs, 15

Marksman Boots size 9, will need trimmed to pass inspection i am informed 30



Should suit a club or someone starting out on their air career. All the kit is in excellent condition, and was well maintained during its international and domestic career

Cash on collection would be best

Thanks for looking

David R

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