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Anschutz Precise Stock For Sale

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For Sale is an Anschutz Precise Stock to fit a round action (I have a 1913 in it).


Cosmetic blemishes from a year and a bit of use but nothing that inhibits how the stock works.


Stickers will be taken off and the rifle cleaned with lemon juice and vinegar to restore the shine!


Will be at the British 50m next weekend, the TR Imperial and the first weekend of the smallbore meeting in August at Bisley if anyone wants to see the stock. In Edinburgh come September.


Please note that the stock does not come with the barrelled action, sights, handstop or buttplate! (I have yet to switch to my new one) The rods connecting the stock to the baseplate of course are included, as is the palm rest.


Large grip


Looking for £850 o.n.o (£1200 plus new)


PM me if you have any questions!

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Yes, the Red ones are a thing of beauty, a gorgeous deep red, mine goes perfect with my eyes.


Some of them are less appealing. I saw one that was 'purple splash' it had spits and blobs of varying colour over the base purple. Maybe Picasso shot smallbore.



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I've seen a lot of 'splash' ones of late and I agree they are odd... The 'fade' ones are interesting, the Wales ones are nice and I saw a fullbore one recently that was silver at the front and faded into a sky blue at the back, gorgeous.

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