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A Bit Of A Clear Out - Rifle And Other Bits For Sale

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Rifle - Anschutz 1813, wooden stock, cut down butt hook, Defcon bedded and Hart stainless barrel - work done by Calum Ferguson. Last Eley batch test results available. Neson extension tube and turn over foresight (no level) Short rod and phosphor bronze brush for cleaning tube. No rear sight. £600 ono (will be at Scottish, Bisley, Appleton and Caithness this summer)


Firing point kit - Anschutz visor in grey, two gloves - fingers and fingerless, (large), R/H cycling glove (small), two timing clocks, phosphor bronze bushes x2 (new), anschutz torque wrench, allen keys and spanner, breech flags and Eley cool bag with target clips £75 ono


'Bisley' swan neck scope mount - for one inch tube, 58mm objective maximum (new) £15


Two Anschutz 18mm foresight tunnels for 18 series barrel, both with anschutz levels, two anti glare tubes, two sets of metal foresight elements (various post and ring), part set of Anschutz plastic elements ( 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.9, 4.1, 4.3) and screw in 18mm threaded carrier. black and silver screw on rearsight rings £40


'High End' foresight elements - M22 5.7 / 1.2, M22 6.0 / 1.3, M22 5.5 / 1.3 M18 4.7 / 1.3, M18 4.6 / 1.3 £10 EACH


Anzchutz rearsight filter and iris 0.9-1.6. 4 greys, yellow and clear. £15


Gehmann rearsight filter and iris 0.8 - 2.2 clear, 2 greys, amber, green, yellow. £15


Gehmann rearsight filter and iris 0.8 - 2.2 clear, 2 greys, amber, green, yellow £15


Tucker roll mat £20


Scope and Stand - Greenkat straight eye piece, 60mm objective £40 and freeland stand - £150 Stand now SOLD


Parker Hale QL2 speed loader rail for BSA ( a vintage bit of kit!) £10


Photos available when I find my cable!

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