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Fireing Pin

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thanks but I think it is the firing as it takes quite a bit of force to cock it

I'm going to try a pin from a club rifle to first and go from their



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the Match 54 bolt cocks as you open the bolt. Do you mean it's hard to cock, or that it's hard to close the bolt on a loaded chamber?


Unless the existing piring pin has burrs (or some other damage) on the engagement surface where is cams against the bolt, I'm not sure a new pin would make bolt operation any easier.


However a good clean, and some lubrication might make a difference, if you haven't already tried this. Disassemble the bolt (instructions can be found in free PDF format on the Anschutz website), and give everything a good clean - it's amazing how much crud gets in the bolt. Dry thoroughly, as the internals don't need to be heavily oiled. Then smear a little grease the cocking cam (the v-shaped notch in the bolt handle collar), and the front/back surfaces of the base of the bolt handle; these are the main bearing surfaces as the bolt cocks, and closes. I also put a tiny dab of grease in the left-hand locking lug recess (the notch opposite the bolt-handle slot). I use molybdenum grease, but other other types will work.


While you are at this, clean the loading tray, the breech face of the barrel, and the relief slots in the barrel for the bolt claws. A toothpick and cotton buds dipped in oil or Parker-Hale 009 are ideal.


If the bolt is stiff on closing, then maybe a good clean of the barrel with a bronze brush and Parker-Hale 009*, and then plenty of patches will help. Remember the bullet is pushed into the rifling grooves as the bolt closes, so this takes more force if the grooves are filled with fouling. Too much crud can degrade accuracy anyway.


*If you don't have 009, Hoppes no 9, Shooters Choice MC7, or Boretech Rimfire Blend will work just as well. Gun oil won't dissolve crud in the same way.

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