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Centra High End 22Mm - 2.6 Version

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Hi guys,


I want to borrow and potentially buy a 2.6mm centra high end (22mm tunnel) in size 4.5mm ring width or near to that size.


One of these: http://www.mec-shot.de/en/products/sights/front-ring-sight/front-sigts-rings/high-end-26/


Does anyone have one they're not using? I would like to try before I buy. Not that I am in any way demanding...!





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Hi Chris the 2.6 is for supported shooting and super long actions and poor eyesight...?????


If you would like to try Hi End still then I have 22mm tunnel that would take them?


And an adjustable that would allow a guage of sizes and a number of larger elements which overlap with the 2.6 ...and also happy for you to try some of the smaller ones

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