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Kit Clear Out Incl 1907 Barrel & P70 Air Rifle Barrel

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1907 Anschutz Barrel and Action (no trigger blade) - SOLD


P70 Feinwerkbau Air Rifle Barrel and Action. - Open to Offers

Used this until the stock cracked 4 years ago then upgraded to a p700. Barrel and action been sitting in a cabinet ever since. I do have a cylinder but its dated 1998, I do not recommend using it but including it if you wish to get it professionally tested and approved. As this hasn't been used for some time I would also recommend a service. (A lot of parts are being sold separately, happy to discuss a combination, e.g sights/barrel weights/tunnel)



Feinwerkbau Air Rifle Barrel Weights - set of 2 - £15 for both



3.2 orange M18 element - £3



4.0 clear M22 element - £3



4.5/1.5 High End M22 element - £10 (RRP £18)



Handstop (Anschutz slim) -£15 (RRP £30)



Handstop & Ball attachment - £20



Anschutz Glare tube - £10



Feinwerkbau (x2) & Anschutz (x1) standard iris - £8 each



Feinwerkbau Foresight Tunnel M22 - SOLD


Anschutz 6805 Rear Sight - £110 (RRP£190)

Perfect working order - wear and tear all over, distance scratches on one side as pictured



Feinwerkbau air tank emptier screw £5



Andchutz wooden stock butt plate bracket - SOLD



Centra Tracker Sight Blocks - £50 (RRP £80)



Anschutz Spirit Level - NO BUBBLE £45



Anschutz Kneeling Roll - £10





Please any questions PM me


Postage and Packaging will be what ever the royal mail website says it it regarding its weight.


Based in Oxfordshire with regards to the barrel and actions.




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If the buttplate bracket is the later type where the centre threaded rod is offset to the outer two I will have it pls.

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