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Old Uit Journals Going To The Skip Unless Anyone Wants Them

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I have the following old UIT Journals that I don't need to keep any more. If anyone wants them all, some of them or just one or two, let me know.


1985 (issues 1-5 only, loose)

1986-87 (all 12 issues, in a maroon UIT-branded binder)

1988-89 (ditto)

1990-91 (ditto)

1992-93 (ditto)

1994 (issues 1-5 only, loose)


Delivery of the binders through the post will be expensive as they are quite heavy. I don't get out to meetings much these days so a third-party handover might need to be arranged if anyone wants one or more binders.


Don't all shout at once. They will be off to the recycling in a week or so if nobody puts their hand up.


Note for younger viewers - UIT was the ISSF from when it started up in 1907 (if Wikipedia can be believed) until it reinvented itself in 1998 (ditto). UIT stood for Union Internationale de Tir otherwise known in English as the International Shooting Union.

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