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Anschutz Rifles For Sale

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Anschutz 1913 in wooden stock with front and rear sights, handstop, wrench and manual.

I bought this around 12 years ago from a club member who bought it and never used it so it was virtually new to me.

In the since I have barely used it and only now with time to spare have I found that I am no longer interested.

The gun has shot 100s not 1000s of rounds. It has some marks on the underside of the pistol grip caused by the lock of my gun cupboard but otherwise is once again barely touched.

£1100 might sound like a lot of money but if you want top, hardly used rifle for around half price of a new one then I think you would be very pleased with this.


Anschutz 1407 in shortened wooden stock with sights, handstop and manual.

Nothing like the 1913 above but then £250


Anschutz 64 ms Silhouette rifle with manual

Sadly I inherited this rifle. Like the 1913 above it has been hardly used and suffers the same bumps on the grip from the gun cabinet (it is likley they could be steamed out). Nearly a new rifle for £425 - around half new price again I think.


If interested I will send photos



07766 280 482

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