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Issf Wind Flag Ribbon

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Does anyone know of a source of 50mm wide 150 g/m2 (red/white/blue?) striped polyester ribbon for making up ISSF compliant wind flags using our existing poles?


Thanks in advance for any ideas.





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The weight is correct - I've made the flags for Police & Fire Games using it.

That's hillarious. Have you found any green, white and gold fabric too?



Believe it or not its the ONLY ribbon, in any colour, plain or striped, that was bang on ISSF spec for weight.


Id have preferred plain yellow or some other luminous colour, but it wasn't available without going custom made.


That said, it has been a cross-community production process, which should balance things out a little :)

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Thanks Kirks. We've gone for a custom job...


For anyone interested, the parts list is:


Flag ribbon as above (50mm x 400mm / 150 g/m2 ISSF spec) c.50p each (25m roll)

10mm aluminium poles (B&Q) c.£3.50 each

Stainless steel 1 mm welding tig rod (free...)

Multipurpose plastic rawl plugs from B&Q (£6 for 50)

Small beads from Hobbycraft (£3.50 for loads)


We're mounting them like golf flags so we can mow over the capped holes and find them and not worry about clearing out the holes every time. We can't have any concrete down range, so the plastic pin cups are ideal:


PVC golf pin cups (ebay - £2.50 each)

Golf flag plastic ferrules (c.£2.50 each)


Pics to follow

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