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3P Jacket And 3P Trousers

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I have for sale the following:-
Gehmann 404R 3P Jacket
Gehmann 427 3P Trousers

Both the jacket and trousers are just over a year old and in good condition. I no longer need them as I have outgrown them.



  • Chest: 104 cm / 40 inches
  • Waist: 93 cm / 36 inches
  • Outside sleeve: 62 cm / 24 inches



  • Waist: 94 cm / 37 inches
  • Inside length: 68 cm / 26 inches
  • Outside length: 103 cm / 40 inches


  • Cut to maximize support and comfort in all positions.
  • Pierce-through buttons enable personalising a perfect fit.
  • Over-the-shoulder straps remove tucks on the shoulder pad.
  • Adjustable sling strap with a hook designed to match our slings.
  • Anti-slip rubber on elbows ensures a stable position.
  • Suede front panel supports your elbow pad when in the standing position.
  • Over-the-shoulder tension straps.
  • Fully adjustable sling loop.


  • The trousers are cut for support in all positions.
  • The Velcro waistband and Velcro fly allows for easy adjustability.
  • 3/4 length 2 way zips behind the legs allows for adjustability. You can open/close the trouser legs wherever you want, to suit your own comfort level. This makes shooting in all 3-positions easy and very comfortable.
  • Good quality rubber has been used for the knees to provide additional comfort when in the kneeling or prone position.
  • Thigh inserts have a soft top, which eliminates any tension when kneeling.
  • Unbleached canvas has been used for rigidity.
  • Ambidextrous fitting fits both left and right-hand shooters.


  • To make the jacket pass equipment control in February 2012, I had to "cut squares" on the button-hole line (inside panel) to make the button-line thinner. Obviously this does not affect the support the jacket has to offer.
  • The seat pad on the trousers needs to be removed to make them compliant with the new ISSF (2013-2016) rules. This is a very simple task.


  • Jacket: £85 including postage
  • Trousers: £100 including postage
  • Combined: £165 including postage

If you would like pictures or any other information about the above items please message me.

Thank you

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