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Unique T2000 Or X Concept Butt Assembly

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Two great posts by demonloop & squishy although squishy's butt hook should drum up some business for Pippa @ 10.9 pretty quickly!!


Joking apart, great looking rifles (& performing rifles in the right hands) they were in their day I doubt if Unique sold many of these rifles so the chances of getting one of these buttplates is very slim.


The overall design is very similar to the Anschutz buttplate used on the early 1913 Supermatch using the wooden stocks. Shoulder contact curve adjustable on the lower hinge, hook shape also on a hinge together with the 'armadillo' end section angle adjustable by rotation.


I have a complete buttplate of this type available if required, if not sure what this item is I can do a photo if you need one. The complete assembly including the two rods that fit into the stock plus the centre threaded adjustment part is quite heavy, almost a kilo without packing.


£175.00 including packing & next day delivery by Royal Mail. Anyone interested PM me.

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Perhaps Rajmond Debevec will part with his?

I wouldnt part with mine so I doubt he'd part with his lol, Squishy I see you wanna follow in your fathers footsteps!.....2 "acres" might sort you out!! and Demonloop can have 2 when I see him at the weekend!! :D :D :D

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