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Wanted: Clamp Nut - Locks The Buttplate Carrier Underneath The Earlier

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Has anyone got a spare clamp nut, which locks the buttplate carrier on the earlier 1913 and 2013 wood supermatch stocks?


This is the part number: 84/4 4719S-13/1 Clamp nut


Its the nut at the underside rear of the supermatch stock on the base of the but plate extension mechanism.


Send me a PM if you can help as the one on my rifle is unfortunately missing.





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Yes, I have one. I'll PM you.


PS I actually have three, all new and unused. I used to have a rifle which regularly lost this nut for some reason and I stocked up. I sold the rifle some time ago but still have the stock of nuts which I forgot to pass on, so if anyone else wants one, let me know.



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