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Misc Rifle Bits From My Anschutz

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Hi, getting rid of a few bits and pieces. an anschutz butt hook, a couple of the anschutz butt plates (without the hook), a couple of different palm rests for 3P and a few other random bits including a air pellet holder, 2x quick release keys for butt plates, sling, extra weights, a cheek piece unit and a bipod etc


I also have a couple of sets of boot strighteners for 3P boots - let me know and I can get pictures of those if needed


I havent put prices down as I am keen to get rid of all the stuff, so if your interested then make me an offer or PM me and we can discuss it





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no probs, will bring it down the club in the new year.


[yes PhD all finished, but clearly profile may need updating]


weights £10 ONO

feinwerkbau make palm rest (will fit anschutz)

anschutz palm rest

non-hook (2x) butt plate bits

cheek piece £40 ONO

boot straighteners £10

are still available

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