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Clear Out

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Clear out of bits and bobs


Anschutz raising system as per the 9003 series £95 only bit left






Postage extra or if possible face to face transaction

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Your original posting mentioned that you were having a clear out and more items would be posted soon. I’ve been following your post in anticipation of the additional items arriving, so far I’ve not seen any more items posted.

Your current post mentions that the Anschutz raising system is the ‘only bit left’, so presumably the butt plate is already sold. Coincidentally there is another bisley3x40 seller on EBay, also residing in Richmond, with the exact same butt plate for sale stating ‘reserve not met’.


So, my questions to you are:

1. Where are the additional items that you originally mentioned?

2. Is the butt plate sold or not?


I would suggest that it would be better if forum sellers followed the example of ITV’s Dickinson’s Real Deal. Either you deal direct with the buyer, in this case Stirton forum member, or you take a gamble at the auction (EBay). Certainly it seems unreasonable to expect both options.

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I have tried to remove the advert due to certain pm messages and advertising else where. I have several items and several butt plates all the same as i have moved over to mec and sights jacket trousers slings various iris etc. They will go as and when

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