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Feinwerkboau 603 For Sale

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I have a FWB603 for sale. I bought it from the original owner (an international shooter) about 10 years ago but haven't really used it much - maybe averaged about 500 pellets/year over that time, with some years not shooting anything at all.


It's in pretty good nick. The only things non-standard are a pillar foresight and a corresponding rear sight raiser. The original foresight is not available. See pics.


Simple case included, but no tools, and I am throwing in 5 tins of RWS R10 pellets (0.49, not matched) - worth almost £40 (NB not sold separately!)


Looking for £375, which is less than I paid for it and after inflation I think that's good value, especially with the pellets included. If you don't agree then make me a sensible offer.


These items are now surplus to requirements as I have finally realised that I'll never be any good whatsoever at this game and everything is going to have to go to avoid tempting me back to waste more time on it. These trousers are also still for sale (I outgrew them some time ago), and I have also just posted an ad for a pair of shooting boots.


Any Qs, just ask, here or PM or email.


Currently in Edinburgh but could probably meet in central-ish Scotland for a handover. Currently not planning any travels down south in the near or medium future but I guess direct postage or an RFD transfer could be arranged (at buyer's cost).






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