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New Forum Lay Out

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As for a Firefox dictionary, it appears it's a CKEditor issue.

CKEditor is what comes up whenever you reply and is not specific to the forum but used by many websites/Content Management Solutions these days.


Simply right-click, Languages and choose your language... job done!

I was starting to compose a question about what exactly I should right-click on (tried everywhere but nothing came up with a Languages option), when I suddenly noticed it was working and highlighting spelling errors as usual. Didn't have to do a thing.


That's what I call service.

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I too like the new layout, much easier to see where the new posts are, and seems faster to load. Haven't tried on my phone yet so I'm wondering if that interface looks any different.




Rob, if on an iPhone .. try http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ip-board-communities/id372597645?mt=8




I'm looking at Tapatalk for iOS, Android and Blackberry ;)

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Latest update to the forum applied!


OpenID is no longer going to be supported as a log in method, but 99% of you who don't log in to the forum direct are using Facebook or Twitter to log in so shouldn't be an issue :)


As always, post issues in this forum please.

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