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Sights & Weights & Wooden Goods

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I've just wiped out the attic...


Nr. 1. - SOLD


Nr. 2. - Stock weights (4 pcs) for FWB P70 Alutec stocks, 130 g, £15/piece


Barrel weights, inside diameter d=19.75 mm, outside diameter d=40 mm, the lower part is cut out for the air tank, with stainless steel grub screws

Nr. 3. - SOLD

Nr. 4. - Steel 295 g, £20

Nr. 5. - Steel 5 pcs set 295 g, £25


Centra accessories for M18 diopter tunnel, colour: black, with key

Nr. 6. - Centra Vertical, post 2.4 mm wide, £30

Nr. 7. - Centra Level I, £35


Nr. 8. - Weaver adapter (5 pcs) for air pistols d=12 mm, £18/piece


Nr. 9. - SOLD





Cheek piece & forend sets for FWB P70 Alutec or old style P700, made of cherry wood, teak oil and hard oil finish

Nr. 10. - Symmetric set, £75

Nr. 11. - Asymmetric set, £75


Nr. 12. - SOLD


Factory original wooden parts for FWB P70 Alutec stock, colour birch/red

Nr. 13. - Benchrest forend £45

Nr. 14. - Full wooden part set: forend, grip and cheek piece £95


Grips for MEC stocks (or compatible with d=16 mm mounting piece), inside diameter d=16.2 mm, made of cherry wood (except Nr. 16 which is birch), teak oil and hard oil finish, stainless steel insert

Nr. 15. - Shape: anatomic with wing, diameter (top/max) d=34/48 mm, £90

Nr. 16. - Shape: cone, birch wood, d=35/54 mm, £50

Nr. 17. - Shape: sphere + cone (same as the MEC Peach Ball), d=30/55 mm, £60

Nr. 18. - Shape: ellipsoid + cone (similar to the MEC Peach), d=32/54 mm, £60

Nr. 19. - Shape: cylinder + cone with a positioning tail, d=40/54 mm, £50




On enquiry further photos and details can be sent by e-mail. Sale preferred F2F (along the M1 Midlands) or by post (+P/P).

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