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For Sale Anschutz R/h 2018 Alu Stock Precise

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For Sale Anschutz R/H 2018 Alu Stock Precise


Buttplate: None

Grip size: Medium

Rifle Action: Anschutz Square (20 Series) **

Right Handed Shooter

Price £820 including P&P


** Anschutz Adaptor 4980 plate can be purchased from any shooting equipment retailer to allow Anschutz actions (14, 18 & 19 series) to be used in stocks made for the square 20 series.


Stock was originally purchased with the intention of replacing my Gemini but actually prefer the Gemini. I’ve used the stock for only eight County League rounds and four Postal competitions. PM me if interested?

post-690-028198600 1307273758_thumb.jpg

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