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Shooting Trousers

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I have for sale a pair of Monard Starter shooting trousers. Size 25, which translates, according to the Monard website, into Waist 96, Hip 105, Inseam 78. It's their smallest off the peg 'sturdy men' size. Colour black.


The waist closure has been lengthened by a couple of cm or so to cater for a slightly increased girth. No belt or suspenders included. Velcro fly. Zippers down the back of both legs. Padded knees and seat.


These are a few years old, but have probably only been used in anger not more than 20 times, and not at all in the last 3 years so are in pretty good condition with no wear evident anywhere.


Looking for £60 (well less than half-price - currently £137 at a well-known supplier) but might look favourably at impecunious students if any want to make me an offer (but make it sensible, I'm not giving these away).


PM or email me. Buyer to pay transport costs if a handover is not practical (located in Edinburgh).

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OK, OK. Always someone.


It's not hard - just divide by 2.45 2.54:


Waist: 96cm translates to 37.8 inches

Hip: 105cm translates to 41.34 inches

Inseam: 78cm translates to 30.71 inches.


(Now using the correct conversion factor!)


And before anyone else asks, here's a photo. Go to the EK site for a better one.

post-47-098145400 1276624189_thumb.jpg

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It's not hard - just divide by 2.45


Shouldn't that be 2.54?


Absolutely right. Numbers now corrected.

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