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David Levene

Avatars Not Displaying

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Any chance you could increase the size limit of the uploaded avatar?

It took an hour to get

<- this

Animation down to 20kb and it looks very clunky because of all the frames I had to take out.


I was gonna make a new avatar, but it's very difficult to get the size down that low.

Would it break the server to may move it up to 80kb?


Or... Is it possible to host a larger animated GIF elsewhere and display it?





Will look but it's not even just space and bandwidth, it is to keep page loading times reasonable ... especially if being

loaded on a PDA/mobile device. Yes you can use the lo-fi version but I still like some graphics on the mobile device ;)

Shall look sometime Dave ... still think 80k per avatar x 10 per page + all other graphics/text could lead to 1Mb+ per page

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Is it possible, at a member-by-member level, to just turn off displaying animated avatars while leaving the static ones visible.


Animated ones are so annoying.


Eh, no ;) not AFAIK I'm afraid David

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