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Anschutz Model 54

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Guest Dave_C

I had a quick look the other night for the year on my barrel and couldn't immediately see it.

There are some letters there so I'll have a look at the info on the other thread and work it out.

I converted my trigger myself and managed to get it into 2-stages at about 75 and 125 grams.

I've had someone tell me before that there is an 'official' conversion for the trigger, but at Bisley, Matheus from Anschutz told me the only way to do it is replace the springs with non-anschutz springs.

I will be looking to sell the rifle in the not too distant future, so if you get any customers who won't match your price, pass them on - I'll not be looking for much for mine.


Best of luck with selling it. It's a bit of a shame eBay won't let us sell target rifles.




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