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A lot of forum members are a little shy and like to have a forum name other than their own.


A number of us who have been about for a while are happy to use our real names because we know that the forum is closed and not available to the public and that entry is policed by Neil.


This is especially good when Neil, Mac, Chris, David, Mike, Martin, Walter and various other creditable shooters are happy not to remain anonymous.


This gives the forum greater credibility as their views will be respected, well most of the time anyway, and this must be attractive to the rest of the membership to be able to seek and get advice from the experts.


I would like to see more people use their real names so we stand a chance of getting to know everyone better and even have avatars that are actual photos so that we can actually recognise each other and say "Hi" on the range.


As a long standing member I still have no idea who some of the regulars are who have obtuse forum names.


Is anyone else with me on this? This is also very much encouraged on a similar American forum that I have joined.


I am sure that this would add to the appeal of the forum or certainly if some more of the high profile shooters declared their real names it might encourage some of the shy ones to become more public.






Of the several shooting websites that I frequent, stirton.com and The Smallbore Journal remain my favorites. Both feature a high degree of sharing and substance mixed with occasional humorous exchanges.


Although I surf Target Talk and Benchrest Central Rimfire Forum, I find the testy personal exchanges are a significant deterrant to participating on them. Being a 'credible expert' there does not necessarily spare you from unpleasant and non-constructive replies.


The Smallbore Journal is unique in enforcing the use of your name. Even here, I sometimes learn a member's identity from context or by a reply addressing a post with their real name. Both that forum and this one require registration, have active moderators, and attract competitors who are willing to share their hard-earned discoveries. These features create environments where sharing and discussion aren't punishing experiences.


Since the subject matter is shooting, a fair amount of teasing and even some good-natured sarcasm are to be expected.


Paul Gideon

Edited by Paul Gideon

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Guest R. Brown



Have you any 'instructions' or a 'guide' on how to do things on the forum.

e.g. How do you get the quotes from other peoples posts into yours in the blue box?


As a beginner, finding my way around was a little longwinded untill I discovered the 'View new posts' link at the top.



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There is a simple Help system (button at the top right of the screen), and some hints in people's post (that you would need to search for).


Underneath each person's post there should be +Quote and "Reply buttons. If you click on the the Quote button it will toggle between +Quote and -Quote.


+Quote indicates that if you then click on "Reply you will be quoting that person's text. If the quote button is set to -Quote you obviously won't be quoting them.





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Guest richard1
Well guys and gals,


It's been over 5.5 years now since starting the forum and it has grown slowly but steadily, however I still feel that it could

grow exponentially with a little help from the current membership.


If I can therefore ask those who do not mind, could you please help by raising awareness in your local clubs and counties

to try and turn this into the target shooting forum on the Internet. It's already pretty high within Google's search results for

certain keywords but can always benefit from more members. There are so many other things I would

like to do with the site but at the moment, there are simply not enough hours in the day - one day though ;)


Many thanks



hi mate, maybe put up different disciplines to atract other people like airgunners,clay shooters, hft,ft, stuff like that..i think with alot of people its the fac issue, i have no fac but can use club guns, i still find the info on here verry good..maybe 1 day il be a competition shooter :rolleyes: ..i wish, i will put a link in my profile thing of this forum on the other sites i use, there mainly airgunnin but have there fac members..il even start a thread to ask if any 1s checked here out, just to get people to have a look..a down side with here is when u 1st log on you think the sites closed but then if you read you need to join, maybe none members should be able to see but cant post till youve checked them over which i think is a good thing...another downer about havin loads of members is arguments..this place is chill no fuss forum, if it gets over crowded its bound to get hassley...some extra sections would be a good idea "when u do have time lol", hunting,hft/ft/clay shooting, pheasant, rabbit shooting, a clothing section..i could go on lol, il put a post on a few forums i go on..good luck

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Hi Richard,


Welcome on board ...


I have to admit that this site was always setup with Target shooting in mind and mainly Olympic disciplines.


You're right about getting clay on board but I'm not really for the going down the hunting route tbh - I believe there are plenty of other sites out there serving that purpose.




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