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Guest Numb Nut

O-rings For Daisy 717 / 747 / 777 Air Pistols

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Guest Numb Nut

A while ago I needed some BS115 o-rings to overhaul my Daisy 717 target pistol,

and eventually ended up having to buy a bag of 50 by mail order. :rolleyes:


Having fitted the o-rings, I can report that they work just fine. There are 2 of these

in the pistol, one at the pump's piston and another at the cylinder to valve join.


DIY guide for these pistols here: http://www.pilkguns.com/tenp/spd747.htm


I can post out o-rings in exchange for stamps if anyone is interested?


3 o-rings for 3x 1st class stamps, drop me an email: numbnut -at- btconnect.com.


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