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Vic Thompson

Advice Wanted Regarding Wrist "injury"

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If this is not the correct section to post in, please accept my apologies.

Problem : my left forearm has become very painful about 1" below my wrist. I shoot in the prone position, and initially, the problem was caused by a pressure contact with my sling. No matter what I do, I can't avoid the situation, my forearm aches all week, and when I go shooting on a Saturday afternoon it's so painful in my normal shooting position that I can't support the rifle properly. In the shooting position it's wrist as well as forearm, but at other times it's forearm only. At one time (when on anticoagulants) I had a persistent bruise around 3" x 2" in the pressure contact area, but that's now gone.


I'm of the opinion that the initial problem has caused a secondary wrist problem that is annoying.


Question : has anyone else suffered with this problem, and if so, did any form of exercise or support help ?


I could go and see my GP and ask her, but I feel that it's difficult to describe the arm and wrist and sling interaction without her having any real knowledge of what's involved in prone shooting.


Any ideas anyone ?


Thanks, Vic Thompson.

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