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Cheap 3p Or Air Rifle Stand

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For those who might be considering purchasing one of these you may like to consider the following option.


I was looking to find such a stand for supporting a rifle to use for demonstrating how the sight picture & triggering works to non shooting people without them having to support the rifle. Thinking that such stands would suit the purpose I started to look for alternatives as those I have seen for sale are expensive. Looking through a Screwfix catalogue which came through the post (strangely addressed to my wife!) I saw an adjustable worklight stand with 2 halogen lights for sale @ (wait for it) £15.99!


As a new Screwfix store has recently opened near me I went in & bought it there & then. You have to make a platform for the rifle to rest on but that was quite easy. About 1 hours work was all it took & I have a perfect adjustable stand, probably a bit more rigid than some I have seen + 2 worklights if I need them at any time.


Mail or internet order is the way to go if you don't have a store near you.


Good luck, you can spend the savings on some other bit of shooting kit! :)

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