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Rob Thorp

Rifle Stock

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Does anyone have a wooden Right handed 20 Series Anschutz stock they no longer require?


Idealy in walnut, I would consider any style of stock, but would prefer one of the earlier 2012 type (with the traditional Anschutz style cheek piece adjustment system)


I would need the stock complete with fittings, (I have action screws), and If I wanted cream on it, it would be great if the stock was in good condition!


If you have something tucked away in a long forgotten corner, please give me a call: 01730 814786 (answerphone) or reply to this posting and I will get back to you.





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Wow Chris,


that was quick!


Can I ask what vintage it is? Does it have the ali cheek piece and butt assembly as do the current models, or is of the earlier variety with the 'non removable' cheek piece. (and plastic spacers)


Regards price, when you seem prepared to sell an air rifle for £50.00 what can I say!!


Seriously, can you give me some info regards the stocks condition, and some idea of what sort of figure you would consider as the two go very much hand in hand.


Thanks for your prmpt reply,



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sorry for the delay, an error locked me out from the forum!!


Happy to say it is now resolved.


I have managed to get hold of a 20 series stock on my door step, how odd is that!!


Thanks to yourself and others who responded directly to me, I was in the enviable position of being spoilt for choice.


A great response from the forum THANKYOU !!



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