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3p Kit

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Im trying to get started in 3p. Has anyone got any unwanted bits of kit. I only have prone equipment at the moment so anything would be appretiated eg palm rest, stands etc. Also I use a gemini butt plate so I would need another (of any sort) aswell.




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I still have some bits of 3p equipment left from my retirement sale. The full list is as follows:






Walther LG200 pneumatic air rifle with wooden stock, rear sight, foresight complete with all accessories including rifle case. In excellent condition £550.00




Gehmann rear adjustable iris (0.6 to 3.0) with 6 colours in excellent condition. £60.00


2 Anschutz anti glare tubes for Anschutz foresight £15.00


Rifle Accessories


Anschutz palm rest £45.00


Gehmann 50mm barrel extension tube £15.00


Shooting Equipment/Accessories


Walther “World Cup” shooting bag with wheels. Clasp for shoulder strap has come away, just needs re-stitching. £15.00


Anschutz/ahg kneeling roll in very good condition £20.00


Gehmann style automatic 240v target changer complete with cables, forward/reverse switch, transformer, targets and target patches. £80.00


Champion shooting frames with off-set bridge support for use in standing £100.00


Shooting equipment trolley -ideal for Bisley/Scottish meetings £40.00


Edelmann UIT 10m air rifle targets (single target format) approximately 4500. 250 targets to a pack will sell separately at £8.50/pack or £30/1000 or the lot for £120.00


Quantity of 2 bull, 5 bull and 10 bull targets £40.00


Shooting Clothing


Shooting jumper (red) £15.00


Mouche 3P double canvas jacket (purple/white) 42/44 chest £200.00


Undergarments - top £20.00

- leggings £15.00


Hope this helps.


Any queries, please PM me.




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