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Scope Sight For Sale

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I have a Unertl scope sight for sale. I got it new at Camp Perry in 1989 and have only used it twice a year at the Scottish and Bisley since then.


It has 20x magnification and a 1 1/2 inch objective (that's Americans for you), which is about 35mm.


It is a long scope which is barrel-mounted. If you don't have mounts on your barrel, then you will have to get them added. It won't go on the receiver.


Unfortunately it has some small rust marks on the tube, but performance is not affected - optics are superb.


First offer over £100 secures. P&P extra, but I could probably deliver in central Scotland or anywhere I happen to be in the next few weeks (eg Aberdeen in March, Bisley in mid-April).


I'm having to change to a receiver-mounted scope as the new barrel I have on order won't have barrel mounts. See my post in General/Equipment Reviews...

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