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Not really sure on the value of this, any ideas?

Had very few rounds through it. Extension tube, 22mm sights, 20 clicks with filters and polariser etc. Case. 

Also jacket, sling and other accessories. 


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I'd probably suggest working out what all the attachments are, including a breakdown of all that is available, and coming up with a price you feel is fair. 

Forum sales etiquette/rules are that you do not solicit advice on a price before selling the item on here, as much for your own benefit (to avoid someone dishonestly lowballing you) as anything else.

It's very difficult to give you a fair offer based on a low quality photo that doesn't show all of the rifle, even more so when you haven't listed an estimate round count, date of purchase or a breakdown of what it is you actually have for sale.

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Firstly forum rules explicitly do not allow soliciting prices.

How old is the barrel? Anschutz have made 1913s since 1987. So a 35yo example is worth much less than a nearly new one.

Practically, 75%-90% of what you paid is a ballpark figure.

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